6 August 2015

On Location: A Wet Weather Visit to IWM Duxford

After a beautiful evening during which I unexpectedly but wonderfully was introduced to the joys of hot air ballon flight I awoke to the news that a gale was on the way in, and by the time I had driven to Duxford it had arrived with a vengence!

A joy of Duxford is that it has acres of under cover aircraft to see, but the rain was so tremendous that despite being mostly in hangars all day, I still ended up drenched to the skin.  Though that may have partly been due to a) standing in the rain for some time watching a Harvard doing an engine run - worth getting wet for - and b) walking the entire length of the crowd line from 'Airspace' to beyond the 'tank bank' and back, as part of my training for the Spitfire 10k in September.  :)

If, like me, you are interested in aviation photography, Duxford is a gem.  After taking lots of action shots at Flying Legends earlier in the month, the rain meant that this day would be a day for details.

Here they are, and I hope you enjoy them.

Spitfire Repairs
P40C Curtis Tomahawk
Sea Fury Wheel
Harvard Undercarriage With Tow Text

Spitfire MH424

Prop Tip - Fairey Firefly

Dragon Rapide Prop Detail

Look at the Size of That Prop!
Sea Fury.
'Scramble!' Detail from Battle of Britain Monument

Crash Damaged Prop from Messerschmitt BF109E

Heinkel Tail Fin

Wheel. Spitfire N3200

Spitfire N3200 with Patterned Hangar Doors Behind

Mustang Shadow

Spitfire Shapes, Airspace

Mosquito and Lancaster

Spitfire under Lancaster Wing

Lancaster Cockpit

'Three Wings'
Lancaster, Spitfire, and Vulcan

Still Raining!  There's a Hurricane and a Tank in this Shot!

Despite the rain I had a very enjoyable day at Duxford, and can highly recommend it as a wet weather venue.

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