3 September 2014

East Kirkby 3 Lancs (er... 1 Lanc) Event 2 Sept 14

Despite the lack of Lancasters, the team at Lincolnshire Aviation Heritage Centre still put on a great day.  We had:

Just Jane, the resident Lancaster, doing two brilliant taxy runs and drawing in the crowds even without her cousins from Canada and Conningsby...

Yes, those engines are noisy!

There were model aircraft - including a Lancaster!  
So we had one flying Lancaster, if not quite the right size...

There was swing dancing in the hanger!

There were interesting things to see outside.  
(Lots of commercial stands too, including the very busy Canadian Lancaster Tour Trailer.)

There were re-enactors.

Who helped Sean with a very interesting talk on wartime kit and ordnance...

... which kept a large crowd attentive right through.

It seemed appropriate too in a rather ironic way, that Dakota 'Drag em Oot' was sitting outside the hanger having engine work done!

In short, an excellent day and as ever a credit to all the hard work by the team at East Kirkby, especially given they must have been as disappointed as the rest of us with the cancellations of the flying aircraft.

Thank you, LAHC, for another great day.  Wish I could be there on Sunday when I very much hope that the much planned for fly past of the two airworthy Lancasters takes place.  Even though I will be trying not to be too jealous!

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