20 January 2012

'Window Shopping' in Chester

This week I've been in Chester on business. As it happens, the person I was meeting there is also keen on photography. So in the evening, once the business stuff was concluded, we met up in Chester with our cameras and did a little window shopping on our way to dinner... I hadn't planned to concentrate on windows, but as you may know, I do like photographing doors and windows so I suppose it wasn't surprising that I ended up with several 'window shots'.

The first window to catch my eye was this one.

Who could resist such a fantastic display? Not me - and not my friend Jo...

The next one had a little less impact in terms of window dressing, but I liked the stepladder (I know - it takes all sorts).

Talking of steps, I also liked the steps at the side of the shop (the shop being in the Rows). The textures of the stone and brick appeal to me.

The last of my Chester windows was this one, a bit of a snatch shot because I liked the way the passer-by was looking into the window - but mostly I liked the red...

About an hour of spare time. Maybe half a mile of interesting architectural details. A small, light DSLR (Nikon D60) with a small, light lens (35mm). A friend with a D90. Result: some fun with photography for us both.

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