3 August 2010

Is There a Letter You Wish You'd Written?

Today I paid a visit to my local library. I've not been for so long - working for a publisher means I'm rarely short of reading matter - that when I presented my card in order to borrow a book it was no longer recognised. However, I digress.

After browsing the shelves and selecting my book I noticed a table on which was a pile of local interest newspapers and magazines, and a slender book called 'The Letter I Wish I'd Written'. As I had some time, I sat down to read the opening letter in the book, and then read the second (which you can find on-line here: 'I wasn't really much of a dad..." It's well worth reading). And the third. And most of the others. They were fascinating, and thought provoking.

These letters were all written by people over 60, as if they were their younger selves. They started me wondering. Is there a letter I wish I'd written before it was too late? Am I in a situation now where I may think later on 'I wish I'd written a letter'? Are you? If so, maybe it's time to do some writing.

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