17 June 2010

Book Review: The Magic Thief: Found

A series of books which gets better with each volume, The Magic Thief trilogy is a rare gem. I enjoyed both of Sarah Prineas' previous The Magic Thief books, so when I noticed Found on a shelf in the fantastic Woodstock Bookshop (well worth a visit - see comments & link below) I picked it up at once.

It's been a while since I sat down and read with total absorption for hours, but this book made me do just that.

We've got to know Connwaer the gutterboy-turned-wizard well through the previous two books, as well as Nevery, Ro, Benet and a string of other characters. Conn has a talent for magic, and an equal talent for getting into trouble.

At the beginning of Found, Conn is on the run from prison, but this is a small concern compared to the threat approaching his home city of Wellmet in the form of a predatory magic known as Arhionvar.

Without his 'locus magicalicus', a powerful wizard's stone, Conn's link to his own friendly magic is weakened, but he has been given a book containing a finding spell. With Nevery's help he casts the spell, but the finding of his new locus magicalicus proves far more difficult and time-consuming than expected - even with help from a surprising and frightening (not to mention supposedly extinct) ally - and while he searches, the threat to Wellmet increases. A threat which will soon demand great risks and greater sacrifice...

A wonderful book with an unexpected and moving ending. And the dragons are superb! Although this trilogy is now complete, I really hope that Sarah Prineas writes more about Connwaer (and Pip) in the future.

Price: £9.99
ISBN: 9781849161916
Published by: Quercus
Available through any good bookshop or online

Mini 'shop review':

The Woodstock Bookshop is well worth a visit for anyone who enjoys good independent bookshops. A little shop, it nonetheless has a great selection of books across a wide genre of subjects. Despite a pressure of space lots of books are face out - hence my seeing Found and buying it as a result. I'd actually gone in to buy a book on gardens. There are some tiny single copy display shelves utilising otherwise 'dead' wall spaces. It also has a couple of seats - adult & child sized so that you can relax and browse properly!
See www.woodstockbookshop.co.uk for more details.

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