7 May 2010

Talking About Photography

On 5 May I was guest speaker at Whiteley Village Camera Club in Surrey. I was asked to display and talk about my LRPS panel. It was my first photography talk, and it was a good start as the group was very welcoming and friendly and nicely interactive, asking questions when I invited them to.

I started off by putting up the mounted prints one by one, exactly as was done for my LRPS assessment, so that the group saw them in the same way as the RPS' judging panel and then gave some background information on the pictures and the process of applying for my 'L'. I also mentioned the advisory day I attended in January, and talked about the affect of this on my final panel. I replaced a couple of the images from the final panel with ones I'd presented at the advisory day, to demonstrate the 'before and after' effect of making quite small changes. I also moved some of the images round to show how different layout can materially change the look of the panel, even when all the images remain the same.

Afterwards I was glad of a cup of tea and a biscuit and the chance of an informal chat with several of the club members. It was great to hear them talking about what they like to photograph and why. There was a lot of variety in the areas of interest among the group, and a similarly wide level of experience. Lots of enthusiasm seemed pretty universal!

It was a privilege to be asked to speak to the club, and I really enjoyed my visit. My thanks to Jim Buckley LRPS and Kate (Club Secretary) for the invitation and welcome.

Giving this talk made me realise again how much I learned by working for my 'L', and I certainly plan to aim for my 'A' in a year or two.

I know the Whiteley Village Camera Club has only been running a very short time and I was very impressed with what they've already achieved. Their next 'big event' is Village Day which takes place in July and at which the club will have a display of members' work.

For my LRPS panel, see: http://www.annerogersphotography.co.uk/section382203.html

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