11 March 2010

Book Review: The Crowfield Curse

This book was recommended to me by someone who knows I enjoy good children's fiction and I have no hesitation in passing on their recommendation.

William is an orphan sent to live at Crowfield Abbey when his parents die in a fire. He himself escaped the fire without a scratch, a fact which means the villagers view him with suspicion. He discovers he has 'the sight' when he rescues a creature from a trap in the forest. The creature is a hob, a being few humans can see. (The hob is rather an endearing chap, with a central role through the story.)

But all is not well at the Abbey or in the surrounding woods. An ancient document shows that years earlier an angel was shot with an arrow, and buried by the monks of the Abbey. But how could an angel die? Is it really buried in the woods behind the Abbey? And why have two strangers come to stay in the Abbey? Before long Will finds himself caught up in a dangerous and frightening search. One which has implications reaching far beyond his own life...

This is a great read. The characters are interesting. Complex, varied and believable. There is a good sense of place and time (the story is set in 1347 and the historical 'feel' works well without being too dusty and 'old-fashioned') and there is a nice degree of threat/tension. Although a fully rounded and complete story, by the end I found myself hoping there will be a sequel.

Chicken House have a great track record with their children's authors and it looks like they have another great one in Pat Walsh.

Price: £6.99
ISBN: 9781906427153
Published by: Chicken House Ltd
Available through any good bookshop or online

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