10 February 2010

Aiming for an 'L' - After the Advisory Day!

Three weeks and three days until 'D (distinctions) Day'!

You might think it wouldn't be difficult to finalise a panel, given that there were fairly few 'action points' resulting from the Advisory Day... But you'd be wrong.

I'm worried about the adjustment I've made on the image which was commented on from a technical perspective (too much/too little? Right/wrong?), I'm still undecided as to the final print sizes for the images on the 'bottom row', and I'm edgy about ensuring the final standard of presentation is spot on.

It's a bit worrying that I can be this neurotic...! But I am going to be very, very disappointed if I miss the mark.

With an business trip and conference coming up before my assessment, all decisions on my panel must be made within a week. Otherwise there won't be time to put everything together before the 'big day'. EAK!

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