18 January 2010

Aiming for an 'L' - Part 2

My Advisory Day is now less than a week away (if the weather cooperates). All but two of my prints have arrived, including some extras which I ordered after I received the first batch & immediately decided that some weren't good enough. I've never cut a single mount, and decided that this particular project wasn't the one to start on. So I followed the recommendation of some professional photographers and ordered them, all cut to size. They arrived in a HUGE box - fortunately much of the size was the careful packaging, so I won't need to be a weight lifter to carry my panel after all.

I suppose it's also inevitable that now I've spent most of yesterday mounting all my prints - panel contenders and 'extras' as requested for the Advisory Day - I am not all that pleased with the result. The very first thing I should've realised BEFORE I ordered the mounts (or the prints, probably), was that on big prints you really need more than a 25mm overlap of mount to image. (Especially as the framer who mounted and framed my exhibition prints last year also mentioned this...) On some of my prints this isn't a problem, but there are four where it was a particular nuisance, and I suspect that at least these larger images will need to be dry mounted for the actual assessment day in March. I guess the feedback this weekend will let me know whether or not that's true.

I have ordered all my prints in a matt finish. It seems to suit them all, thankfully. The mounts are all 'old ivory' - off white. All the same overall size, which I hope will give my panel a tidy and professional look. I think it does, but then I know all too well how little 'what I like' counts sometimes!

Another cost - although not strictly necessary - was the purchase of a portfolio bag. I've had to compromise a bit because the cost of 'proper' portfolio boxes or cases was too much on top of the cost of the prints and mounts, so I've bought a 'designer case' (as in, a case used by designers, rather than one with jewels set in the handle). At least this time I can tell myself that it will get regular use, and not just for this one-off event.

So now I am almost prepared for the Advisory Day - just two more prints to mount. Here's hoping it's all going to be worth the time and effort!

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