6 November 2009

London Lights

Yesterday I had meetings in London. Between the two, I had about an hour free, and so I got off the tube at Oxford Circus and as I puffed up the steps with my pilot case of books etc (why is it that London Underground is always 'improving the escalators' when you have a very heavy bag?), I was greeted to the sight of Christmas lights! It hadn't occurred to me that the 'switch on' would have happened. Christmas is still so far away in my mind. But in 'retail-land' Christmas is just around the corner. So for me, I had an enjoyable walk appreciating the lights. Lots to see and all entirely free, and somehow I found them cheering, despite the current economic gloom. I think the lights are pretty & fun this year so if you're in the area, go & take a look!

Shame I didn't have my camera - although as it was the middle of the day the impact wasn't as great as it would've been later. Sometimes it's good not to have a camera though, and just walk & enjoy.

Oh, and yes I did notice the new multi-million pound cross in the road at Oxford Circus. I'm not totally convinced it was worth the investment, but it does look good! :-)

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