11 October 2009

Take Time

Someone close to me recently said that going for a walk with me can be a bit frustrating because I'm often stopping to look at things & photograph them.

On holiday in Amsterdam recently, I spent time one morning walking along just one street, looking for things to photograph. Among the things I found were lovely iron lanterns, railings with fancy ironwork ends and pretty doorbells. Just familiar day-to-day objects which no doubt lots of people walk by every day and barely notice.

An interest in photography has taught me to look at things differently. When I walk, even without a camera, I often stop along the way just to look. I value being able to 'stand and stare'. Even so, I'm sure I should do more of it.

I wonder how often we miss things of beauty or curiosity because we are rushing by in too much of a hurry to notice and enjoy them...

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